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Think And Grow Rich Made Easy

31 January 2011

What Do You Want Out Of Life, And What Makes You Happy?

Think And Grow Rich Made Easy” offers a 14 Steps to Riches Guide, based on the achievements of others, and designed especially for people that are looking to succeed in achieving their personal goals.

Think And Grow Rich Made Easy

It is really important to understand that “Think And Grow Rich Made Easy” is not intended to entertain, but to inform, and can be seen as a textbook that is based on the individual achievements and experiences of hundreds of the most successful men to come out of America.

By the way, “Riches”, actually mean “financial, spiritual, mental, and material states.” and does not purely just mean money.

Think of it as Your guide, for keeping Your mind from getting in the way of Your success, whatever it is that Your working towards.

As a general guideline, the information contained within Think And Grow Rich Made Easy should be studied in depth, and digested in stages.

Do your best to absorb everything as it will ALL be applicable to you, and take time to select parts that stand out, and are important to you, then write them down, and then read them again.

What you will discover, is a philosophy that can be adapted to help you find material wealth, or perhaps Spiritual fulfillment.

Many studies’ show that through the analyzing of hundreds of successful people, it was found that they all had a similar habit, that involves sharing their ideas through conferences, the modern day version being tele-seminars, or “webinars”

To solve problems they talked freely together, contributing ideas until they agreed on a plan, which would best suit their route to achieving their goals.

With this in mind, if you want to get the most out of the 14 Steps to Riches, it is best to go through it with others, and discuss each step individually.

This will allow you to express ideas of your own to others; (The Master Mind Principle)

You will not only acquire the knowledge of all the successful men and their experiences, but will be able to tap into your own sources of knowledge that apply to the steps

By reinforcing the knowledge you will gain by sharing with others, you will be able to find the route to success more efficiently.

You will learn The Power of Thought and Burning Desire and why it is important to keep Persevering In The Face Of Defeat

A story involves another person’s determination to succeed in the face of adversity and begins again with R. U. Darby who was lucky enough to witness the following, and herein lies A Lesson in Persistence

How did a young child make R. U. Darby’s uncle lose his anger and succumb to her own strong will?

In The Rest Of “Think And Grow Rich Made Easy” You Will Discover Exactly How This Was Possible.

You will be able to gain the knowledge to use the same power as the child did for your own benefit. You might understand this power in a number of ways. It may be a flash in your mind as you take in each chapter, or it may hit you in one idea, or it may come when you delve into your own past experiences of failure, and discover the lesson you missed at the time.

The Objective of the Fourteen Steps Is To Turn People Who Focus Too Much On Failure, Into People That Focus More On Success.

Think And Grow Rich Made EasyThe Fourteen Principles hold the Secrets that will help you achieve your potential and satisfy that desire.

Wishing for success and riches is not the same as desiring success, in a way that takes over your mind as an obsession.

When it becomes an obsession you will back that desire with an attitude that does not give a moments thought to the possibility of failure, but is totally conscious of success, and the persistence that is needed to achieve it.

There Are Six Steps That Allow For A Persons Desire To Be Rewarded With Financial Gain.

If you are unable to imagine yourself achieving your goals you are unlikely to achieve them.

Learn how the struggles have given you the spirit you need to turn experiences into positives, and giving you the courage to use them to turn things around.

Many have discovered they can make something of themselves after hitting their lowest point in life, because just when it seems like they are in crisis they actually discover their dream.

How To Develop Your Faith By Using Faith and Self Belief to Satisfy Desire

Learn and understand why people believe they suffer from misfortune in their life, and why many people believe they have bad luck which is something out of their control.

  • Understand Why You Are The Cause Of Your Own Misfortune.
  • What Are The Five Principles To Help Build Self Confidence?
  • How To Acquire the Power to Control the Subconscious Mind.
  • Discover Some Great Advice To Help Your Concentration.

Why specialised knowledge is so important where you can find the best sources that offer the knowledge necessary for you to find fortune.

Learn what “The Two Kinds of Imagination” are, and why they are important to your success,

Armed with the aid of these two kinds of imagination, you will start to construct the plans that will enable you to begin turning your money making dreams into a wonderful reality.

The miracle of life shows what nature can achieve, and you are a product of that nature, and so you can also achieve much, if you put your mind to it.

You are already miraculously alive, and the ability to earn your fortune is not so much of a miracle in comparison, as long as you learn to use the right tools.

Learn Why This One Thing Is Just One Of The Key 14 Principles.

Read three examples of how the imagination has been used in acquiring wealth effectively, and all have one main characteristic in common.

Why Putting your Desire Into Action, and learning about the Four Practical Steps that are required, in order that you can look at building and organising your plans in more detail, are so vitally important to your success.

There Are Two Kinds Of People In This World, Find Out What Kind You Are?


Five suggestions on where your leadership skills maybe required, and most suited to.

Eight Important things to put in your application letter and CV when applying for a job

Why first impressions are important, and why the covering letter and CV should be written with all these instructions in mind.

Six Steps to guide you through making the choices of Getting The Position That’s Most Suited For You.

To market yourself effectively and continuously throughout a job you need to follow the QQS Formula, discover what the QQS formula is and why it is so important, and…………..


Discover the most common thing holding the vast majority of people back from achieving their full potential, which will enable you to reach decisions quickly, and put your thoughts into action with the aid of the Fourteen Steps towards riches.

Why ………is an essential element in the Fourteen Steps Towards Riches, and 15 Points that will help you spot the symptoms that mean a lack of this vital step.

Plus, Four Simple Steps which will lead you into developing this habit, to guarantee your success

The entire Fourteen Steps are based on you following this philosophy, gradually making it a life long habit for you to follow

  • It is through these steps that you will be led to Power.
  • It is through these steps that you will find those Favorable Breaks.
  • It is through these steps you will find Riches.
  • It is through these steps that you will make your Dreams Become Realities.

Discover how the Emotion of Sex and its energy, can be channeled constructively, and the Three constructive principles in which the Emotion of Sex can be interpreted.

Learn how having a highly sexed nature, may have been regarded as a curse in past generations, but can now be considered a blessing, you will be really pleased to hear this one

Discover the Four known sources from which people are inspired with ideas or hunches, and find out what makes the difference between a genius and an ordinary person

Finally Revealed, Why People Rarely Reach Maximum Levels of Success, Before Reaching The Age of Forty

Learn what THE SEVEN MAJOR POSITIVE EMOTIONS, and the THE SEVEN MAJOR NEGATIVE EMOTIONS are, and how you will fail in this, if you experience these following emotions too frequently.

Think And Grow Rich Made EasyDiscover here in Chapter 13 all about THE BRAIN

This chapter will explain the The Key to Old Age Wisdom as the Thirteenth Principle.

It is this principle, through which infinite intelligence may, and will voluntarily communicate, and can only be understood and experimented with, after mastering the other Twelve Principles.

HOW TO OVERCOME THE SIX FEARS and how to take inventory of yourself, as you read this closing chapter, you will find out how many of these Six Fears are actually holding you back.

  • Nine Symptoms Of The Fear Of Poverty
  • Eight Symptoms Of The Fear Of Criticism
  • Seven Symptoms Of The Fear Of Ill Health
  • Three Symptoms Of The Fear Of Loss Of Love
  • Three Symptoms Of The Fear Of Old Age
  • Four Symptoms Of The Fear Of Death

Discover what the THE SEVENTH BASIC EVIL is, and how wealthy men always try to protect themselves by avoiding these influences, whereas the poverty stricken tend to succumb to them, and anyone looking to become successful in any walk of life, must prepare their minds to resist this.

60 SELF-ANALYSIS TEST QUESTIONS that will help anyone trying to discover their inner demons

Read this list of the “FIFTY-SEVEN” MOST USED ALIBIS” and find out what alibis you have used before, then remember that none of these alibis are reasonable excuses, once you have read about the thirteen principles.

The Philosophy Contained Within “Think And Grow Rich Made Easy” Makes Them All Obsolete.

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Think And Grow Rich Made Easy

I will leave one of Napoleon Hill’s best quotes for you to ponder upon!!!

“Before success comes in any man’s life, he is sure to meet with much temporary defeat and, perhaps some failures. When defeat overtakes a man, the easiest and the most logical thing to do is to quit. That’s exactly what the majority of men do”.  Napoleon Hill

Are You Going To Quit, Or Follow Your Dreams Until You Reach Them?

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Let me know just what a difference this has made to your life, when you put these 14 Principles into action, which has created more than 500 Of The Worlds Millionaires Alone, and all for a measly $7

To your fantastic future

David Ford

Author and Publisher

Think And Grow Rich Made Easy


P.S. Are you prepared to invest just $7 in your future, and have the “Think And Grow Rich Made Easy” secrets revealed to you, which could completely change your life for the better?

P.P.S. Remember “Think & Grow Rich Made Easy” offers a 14 Steps to Riches Guide, based on the achievements of others, especially for people that are looking to succeed in achieving their personal goals.

P.P.P.S. There Are Two Kinds Of People In This World, Which One Are YOU?

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Think And Grow Rich Made Easy

Think And Grow Rich Made Easy


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